Lecaflor BMW/MINI FAQs


What are the product dimensions and adhesives?

product width length thickness adhesive
Fascination 1307 and 1401 4m 25m approx 6mm F3
Poodle Mokka/Black 4m 25m approx 16mm F3
Contract Vinyl 649 2m 25m 2mm F44
Clean Admission Primary entrance matting
supplied in any quantity
50cm 50cm 11mm n/a
Ambience Wood Flooring (strips) 70mm 560mm 10mm B92 or B95
Sentry Secondary Matting
(includes vinyl edging along length of roll)
2m 20m 9mm F74 or F81

What are the lead times?

As most of these products are made exclusively for BMW we prefer 2 – 4 weeks notice.

Stock is normally kept on all products in the UK, however during busy periods and particularly during summer when factories close for maintenance the delivery time can reach the upper limits of the times above.

Do I need any underlay?

No underlays are required

What sub-floor preparation is required?

As is the case with all commercial floor coverings the sub-floor should be level smooth clean and dry, in particular free from grease and other contaminants that could cause adhesion failure. All floors should be checked for dampness and if necessary a surface applied DPM used. In the case of wood flooring readings should be taken of the Rh in the sub-floor and the air before and after installation, these readings must be retained as documentary evidence.

Site Deliveries?

All deliveries are made using third party carriers.

We cannot therefore deliver on specific times or days.

Normally we can give 24 hours notice of when the goods will arrive on site.

Deliveries will not be scheduled to sites without a site contact name and telephone number.

It is imperative that a representative of the company is on site to receive the goods. We have had instances where this has happened and delivery is then refused.

Re- arranged deliveries can add up to 5 days to the delivery and are chargeable.

Do you supply edge trims, stair nosings etc?

No, as all site conditions vary the exact requirements for these are extremely variable.